Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Drought

Yesterday I soaked all the Water Wise Container Gardens and Restricted Drainage Gardens with a 10 minute or so run of a shower head type sprinkler ( see pic, about $4 at Lowe's, I LOVE these!!!!) barely flowing. I think growth will take off now.

I make the Restricted Drainage Container Gardens by drawing a rolled up used plastic grocery bag half way through every single drainage hole, usually a  scavenged large black plastic commercial tree pot. Each is filled with layers of branch scraps, chicken path soil, chipped wood mulch, compost and brown leaves. When I do a deep soaking, water reaches the top due to the shopping bags, and drains out slowly in maybe 20 minutes. This affords full saturation of the soil, with earthworms surviving just fine.

Tomorrow I will deep soak all the Water Wise Container Gardens by the back patio. It's fun being obsessed with conserving water!

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