Friday, February 10, 2012

Old Seeds

Quite the long shot but today I sowed into four inch pots seeds of varying calabaza pumpkins dating back as far as 2005. Only one was purchased seeds; the rest are seeds from very desirable calabazas that evolved in my gardens from apparent cross-pollinations of kabocha and Seminole Pumpkin. One envelope of seeds was from a round calabaza that Dad and I spotted roadside some years back on one of our road trips to the Keys. My intent is to grow calabazas this summer in the large, formerly messy west bed where the new bee hive is and that I am turning slowly into a sunny food forest boasting citrus, Pig Chaya, cassava, Filipino White Sweet Potato, and many papayas. Once it is made chicken-free with the last of that 4 foot tall galvanized goat fencing a wonderful blog reader gave me a new roll of (thanks again!) I will grow various Vigna "beans" on it for food and additional privacy for my outdoor 1 gallon solar rainwater showers.

In a few days, after they dry a bit more, I will sow seeds of a striped long necked calabaza from Bolivia that I bought at Publix. In an effort to again have calabaza as a staple in my diet I this year will relent a bit on my obsessive water conservation and weekly give the area a deep watering with my hose and sprinkler.

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