Friday, February 3, 2012

Bee Bait

By adding some yellow Brassica flowers to the bouquet on the newly rebuilt Top Bar Hive I was able to QUICKLY lure bees to the saucer filled with sugar syrup. I've had to refill it twice today. I am pleased to see quite a few bees enter the hive......I am hopeful that at least one is a scout bee trying to locate a new home for a swarm!

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  1. This is great John, just now reading your blog, had not seen it before. I have seen permaculture emails with your name, but did not put the facebook name and the email name together. Good job on the blog, and your homestead. Would love to see it one day. I am slowly getting my yard established and may try your bee idea here and just buy a bee hive box and see if the bee's find it on their own. I always get a ton of bees with my sunflowers.