Thursday, February 16, 2012

Down on the farm this week....

One of the penned Muscovy ducks has made a nest, filled it with eggs and SEEMS to be setting it......last night eggs were abandoned after three weeks. Yesterday I dated a number of newly laid chicken eggs and loaded them into the incubator, now hovering right around the ideal 99 degrees as it warms up.....102 or so the goal by today. Today I will set a seed tray of molokhiya seeds I started WAY early a few days ago atop the incubator for bottom heat in hopes of having plants ready to plant in Water Wise Container Gardens (it is a very thirsty crop) much sooner than usual as I love the tender nutritious leaves.

Last night I had my idealistic young gardening friend Ryan Iacovacci and his room mate Joo over for dinner and to donate to their Bird House buying club my smaller .long dormant freezer that just needs a new thermostat to help them expand their wonderful service of providing fresh local produce, dairy and meat for folks in Tampa. Good meal, great company, fun night. I gave them starter tubers of African Yellow, Filipino Purple and Caribbean White yams for their own gardens, and some Scarlet Runner seeds to try out. Plus now there is more room in my office to aid in the DEEP purge and cleaning I will be doing there soon with that freezer gone!

 So far the daily half gallon or so of sugar syrup is feeding visiting bees big time, but no sign, yet, of a swarm moving in. But the next 6 weeks or so is swarm time so I will persist. Plus I have run ads asking to barter what I have for a "nuc" of Italian Domestic's hoping either way.

After they left I worked up a new order from the good folks at  See below:

John Starnes 
3212 West Paxton Avenue
Tampa FL 33611
John Starnes 
3212 West Paxton Avenue
Tampa FL 33611

Order DateStatusShip DatePayment ByConfirmation No.Shipment Tracking
2/15/12Ordered VisaD15532243E 

Trade Winds Fruit Items
 2661Withania somnifera - Ashwagandha$2.00$4.00
 1105Cyphomandra betacea 'red' - Red Tree Tomato$2.00$2.00
 1970Elettaria cardamomum - Cardamom$2.25$2.25
 1752Mimusops elengi - Spanish Cherry$3.00$3.00
 13021Momordica grosvenorii - Buddha Fruit$3.00$3.00
 12679Violina Butternut Squash - Cucurbita moschata$2.00$2.00
Economy (free to U.S. addresses for orders $10 and above) Shipping $0.00
Sales Tax$0.00

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  1. I hope you do better w/ the tamarillo than I have here in Gainesville.

    I have grown one from seeds of a red fruit I picked up at the local Publix. We have always gotten a hard freeze before it can bloom, so no fruit as of yet. It has come back for me the last 4 winters.

    I'll bet it does lots better in your neck of the woods.
    Try it in a water-wise planter or mulch the hell out of it. I may move mine into wicking container this season. I think I could have occasional success w/ this fruit if it has a great season before a freeze.