Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Special Thanks to Ryan Iacovacci and his room mate and a friend......

They came by today at 9 AM (sorry Ryan's friends for forgetting your names already!) and in two hours nearly rid my entire front yard of my nemesis 'Spanish Needle' Bidens weed. They/we quickly filled a few garbage cans over and over, which I took out back and dumped in the chicken scratch path for the flock to feast on. We shared good conversations as we worked, then at 11 AM we went inside, cooled off, drank cold water and kombucha tea, and I taught them my 'Basics of Winter Gardening' class and shared seeds and cuttings and a SCOBY in gratitude for their hard work and positive energy.  They were enthusiastic students.

 All that remains is to cover the now empty beds with flattened cardboard boxes and six inches of mulch from the pile out front to smother fallen Bidens seeds to finish reclaiming my front yard and turn it back into a fabulous collection of all-organic, own root roses again but THIS time around each rose will be in a buried 5-7 gallon bucket Water Wise Container Garden. I wish I'd thought to take a pic of these three energetic young men. How nice to SEE my garden paths and beds again after their being consumed by a weed that I truly loathe despite it being appealing to bees and butterflies.

 Tampa is lucky to have a passionate, focused community activist like Ryan as he does so much in so many arenas.

Thanks guys!   John

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  1. Wow John that's fantastic! : ) I love when people help people! There is to much negative energy from people nowadays. I held the door for a elderly couple the other day and was amazed that they were totally shocked that i was being polite. They even stopped to thank me calling me young lady and said noone does that nowdays.. HOW SAD IS THAT!?!?!

    ~Brit A (organic momma)