Monday, August 8, 2011

One More Reason to Grow Your Own Food, Buy Locally Grown Food.....

and practice Gandhi-style peaceful civil disobedience. Guns drawn on a raw foods grocery store while Monsanto peppers the USDA and the Dept. of Ag with board members? Aspartame and fluoride and Splenda in our food and water via government subsidy but raw milk and cheese from grass fed (vs. diseased factory farmed) cows gets busted with guns?  GMO crops by Monsanto snuck into our food supply but a dairy farmer can't label his or her milk as hormone free? Tobacco gets huge subsidies but millions of folks who enjoy cannabis get put behind bars? Monsanto sues farmers whose crops were ruined by errant GMO pollen and WINS? All of this in "The Land of the Free" when in fact America has the largest prison population and incarceration rate in the world,  all the while spreading "democracy" via 800 bases in 120 countries? Like The Beatles said in 'Revolution'......"don't you know you can count me out...."

Grow our own food, raise and sell and enjoy raw dairy, avoid GMO seeds and crops. Keep our children out of the armed services that don't "protect our freedoms" but instead expand the Empire, thus generating "terrorist" retribution for loved ones killed in their own countries. Forget to file your taxes since corporations willfully and skillfully pay none. Enjoy cannabis as did Washington, Jefferson and Franklin. Explore urban permaculture, raise poultry. Join a local food co-op. Stay out of debt. Hang out with positive minded people.

When I watch this video many feelings, including sadness and rage surface in me. And I can't help but wonder, if as is so often the case with seized cannabis and cocaine and cash, just how much of this "unsafe" food ended up being savored in the private homes of some of these "Peace Officers" by their families anf friends benefiting from so much real food.......without paying for it.

The video is a little long but insightful. John

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