Saturday, August 20, 2011


Two days ago I pulled the three spent 'Fife Creek' okra plants from their baby pool Water Wise Container Garden on the back patio to let the fourth one ripen those giant pods, weeded the soil then top dressed it with compost, and sprinkled some 'Bonar' forage rape seeds atop and worked and watered them in. Like other brassicas it is a cool weather crop, but since I have a pound of the seeds, am curious by nature, and love the idea of an earlier harvest, I thought 'Why not?". I am sure the seeds will germinate, probably by Monday...the question is..."How well will the seedlings endure the humid heat until the October cool down?"  I will keep folks posted as 'Bonar' is wonderfully vigorous with tender mild sweet leaves yummy raw or cooked. John

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