Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Articles for Sale

I've learned that for years The St. Pete Times has been charging (and getting) $3 for each edited, abbreviated on-line version of the articles I wrote for them for eight years. No, I've not seen a penny of that. So I am offering for sale, via e-mail, the original texts of articles I wrote for them and The Rocky Mountain News in Denver the seven years my column there ran. Easiest way to pay me I guess is via the PayPal Donate button below, though cash and checks and cannabis are cool too!

I have hundreds of them in my hard drive, and can sell them by category:

Old Roses for cold climates
Old Roses for mild climates
Organic Pest Control
Organic Lawn Care in Colorado
Organic Lawn Care in central Florida
Cold Climate Vegetable Gardening
Vegetable Gardening in Florida
Edible Flowers
Cold Hardy Veggies and Flowers
Fragrant Roses
Frugal Gardening and Landscaping Tips
Adding color to Colorado and Florida landscapes
House Plant care in hot and cold climates
Improving soil in hot and cold climates
Herbs for hot and cold climates
Climbing Roses for hot and cold climates
and more....

In this way I can hopefully boost my income a bit and get out into the world my original articles that were often brutally edited by both columns to make room for ad space...very often I winced with embarassment to pick up either newspaper only to read an article bearing my name! Yikes, total "face palm". I'd love for folks to receive what my editors did, raw and not "perkified".

Best I guess is for interested people to order the type of article and number you wish me to send you, like "John, send me 5 articles about cold climate roses" or "John, send me 2 articles about winter veggie gardening in Florida". Since these articles are all copyrighted, and I have bills to pay, I sincerely ask that you not forward/print out them to folks who have not paid me, just as you'd wish to be paid for your labors. Times are tough enough.

"BUT WAIT!!!    THERE'S MORE!!!!   (just kidding, no free Ginshu knives or spice racks)


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