Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Perennial Onion for Tampa: Allium fistulosum

I ended up getting a vast number of seeds last spring from this Allium fistulosum that popped up in a seed tray a couple years ago, after a few years of buying and trying and failing with strains of it from Wales and Japan. The flavor is like a savory hearty scallion. Between it, Allen Boatman's strain of Egyptian Multiplying Onion and Allium canadense, it looks like I am closing in on my goal of onion self sufficiency in Florida as someone who simply can't cook without onions. It seems other strains of A. fistulosum and Egyptian Multiplier NEED a cold winter to be perennial....in Denver I planted in customer's gardens a VERY vigorous giant form of Multiplier that died each and every time I tried it in Tampa. Today I am starting in a tray a few hundred of the seeds and if all goes well I will have seedlings to share, sell and plant in about 6 weeks. Tim gave me a 6 foot diameter kiddy pool and after I patch the bottom and drill 12-15 holes on the sides three inches from the bottom then fill it will soil mix, I hope to plant it with a vast number of these seedlings for year round onions! John


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