Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seeds for Sale: $2 plus a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

A teaspoon of seeds per order, approx. 500 seeds for the Rapes, 20 seeds for the Vignas. Just mail me $2 and a SASE and they'll be on your way. Thanks!  John  Starnes
                                                                            3212 West Paxton Avenue
                                                                            Tampa FL 33611

'Bonar' rape- Mild tender sweet leaves raw or cooked, winter crop in Florida, spring crop in colder climates

'Dwarf Essex' rape- Much like 'Bonar' but flavor a little more like kale

'Barkant'- a turnip that bears no root, just abundant tender leaves, cold hardy like the rapes

Vigna unguiculata 'Clay'- an heirloom "cowpea", hyper-vigorous in Tampa summers, sow after soil is warm in late spring in colder climates, young leaves wonderful in salads and stir fry as bonus to the abundant pods

Vigna angularis 'Red Chori'- a heat-loving 'cowpea' from India grown for young pods and ripe dried seeds cooked like beans

Mucuna pruriens 'Velvet Bean'-food grade form used as source of medicinal L-dopa, needs a long summer season, tropical from India. Pods free of the stinging spines of the wild form. 5 large seeds.

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