Tuesday, August 9, 2011


7/10 inch of rain yesterday, 4 1/2 inch today. As they say..."When it rains it pours".
All because yesterday I did a load of laundry, including bedding, and put it all on my clothes line....I suspect that the bedding element may surpass silver iodide as a cloud seeding/rain causing agent. Forecasts indicate they will remain on my clothesline another day. How wonderful to have such a rainy day.

The fall and winter gardening season is fairly close at hand, and so today I did an experiment....when the lovely rains abated for a while I scattered a  teaspoon or so of seeds of 'Barkant Turnip' atop a baby pool based Water Wise Container Garden on my back patio to see if I can get an early start on this mild flavored cold hardy leafy crop. Germinations should be apparent by this weekend, especially after these lovely laundry-induced rains.

I am so thankful to Joel Salatin for inspiring me via 'Fresh' to let my chickens weed FOR me, especially in the west bed into which I will soon be placing the once-baby ducks, now big enough (I hope) to be safe from predators. Earlier this year my chickens were invaluable in eating down weeds in two east beds and my south bed. Turning weeds into eggs and meat from dinosaur-descendents living free range lives works for me.

I hope to learn from folks how they keep their yards and gardens tidy as I seek to meet that goal while relishing the many things that keep my happy mind busy.


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