Saturday, July 16, 2011


Blogger STILL will not let me respond to Comments using the Comments function so once again I am making a new post to reply......Ellen I am so glad you too are enamored with Molokhiya and are finding it to be less thirsty than it has been for me here. As to the Bidens plants....while it does have those positive traits I very much want to put a stop to it making the paths between my evolving rose beds impassable. I don't enjoy weeding anyway, especially in the heat, so I tell myself  "time to feed the chickens and ducks" when I am pulling up VAST quantities of it.....I MUST put a stop to its bearing seeds here. Thanks for those tips as I very much admire what you and your hubby are doing on your urban farm across the bay!

Thanks MUCH to "B" for so quickly making what I am sure is the correct ID of my newly acquired "Mystery Veggie".....Gynura procumbens! I Googled it, saw lota of images, and since I grow and eat Okinawa Spinach and am very familiar with its taste, texture and cultural needs I immediately knew your ID was correct, especially in view of what Paul told us all at the meeting as he handed out cuttings. Since my Dad, friends and myself have some issues with hypertension and/or blood sugar levels, I am psyched about making as many clones as quickly as I can for them to grow and use!


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