Thursday, July 21, 2011

Down on the farm.....

Well I THINK I see a faint green haze developing in my experimental 5 gallon spirulina farm that has now spent 2 days getting much more direct sunlight. My wonderful neighbor behind me, Theresa, oday gave me two boxes of glass vases from all the bouquets her kids have sent her.....I will  choose a few of similar sizes and shapes and volumes and test differing nutrient solutions in each, all labelled as to date and composition, with high pH being the main variable. I am assuming there are live cells in that 'Pure Hawaiia Spirulina Pacifica' brand due to their  Ocean Chill drying method brand of spirulina...I will find out I am sure with these ongoing trials.

Today I finished the re-do of the back door garden and patio area...the junkyard squalor has been replaced by tidiness, a lovely mulch of pine needles I raked from Theresa's yard, with just some final touch ups remaining. Soon I will repaint a nice bright white the circular concrete stepping stones using a water base latex paint I dumpster dived behind a department store a few years ago as I love the contrast that cheery bright white accents can lend to a landscape, be it elegant and formal, or "dumpster diving slob packrat" in my case.

I love being single but couples tell me they divy up tasks to keep their heads above water....hmmm....with weeds re-consuming my front yard I'd been making such great progress with, and my kitchen sink a perennial mess, I suddenly want a handsome, intelligent, considerate  husband who:

1. Has awesome pecs
2. Loves to weed and clean house
3. Loves to eat sumptuous home cooked meals
4. Can deal with my insatiable sex drive
5. Likes dogs and can deal with a stoner-slob

Is that too much to ask for?  Those weeds!!

"Mr. Duck" has begun his first molt...losing LOTS of feathers...and the new feathers indicate he may have a whole new color pattern. Soon I clip the wings of his chillun now that they are adult sized, then move them from the safety of the pen (south Tampa has racoons that see sleeping chickens as sushi)  into my west bed that has been a junkyard area for flower pots and more to give them more room while eating down the weeds for me. As best as I can tell from "Mr. Duck" and his semi-free range wives, racoons are afraid to attack grown up Muscovy ducks, but nonetheless I will be bit nervous that first week or two. I am also nervous about my impending first-ever duck slaughter.....soul of a vegan, body of an omnivore. I have too many ducks so time to deal.

That last rain gave me oodles of volunteer seedlings from my Sulfur Cosmos (Bright Lites and Klondyke Mix were the original sowings) that have since backcrossed and hybridized) so over the last couple days I've pulled a few dozen up from the street side mulch layer and moved them into my streetside gardens due to their remarkably undemanding natures and propensities to use vibrant color to attract butterflies.

Now off to enjoy getting altered and luxuriate in my CDs for 'My Sharona' and Amy Grant's 'That's What Love is For' and  Yoko Ono's 'Why'.


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