Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can Someone Help Me Identify This Mystery Tropical Vegetable?

At last Sunday's meeting of the Tampa Rare Fruit Council, Paul was giving away a LOT of long cuttings of this vining veggie I believe he said he got his start from a Thai family. He knew of no name for it but grows and enjoys it cooked year after year.....he said it is reputed to treat high blood pressure and blood sugar problems. I nibbled it raw....mild, slightly fleshy, zero bitterness or astringency. If all goes well the three cuttings I made from one long one will soon be rooted for me and friends. He said it is quite tropical so initially I will grow mine in a pot I can bring indoors during freezes. The stems are fairly stiff and reminded me of the Plectranthus family, but when I Googled 'edible Plectranthus' all I found are two I now VERY much wish to acquire as they make large potato-like tubers underground......Plectranthus esculentus and Plectranthus rotundifolius.

Here are two pics of my cutting before I processed it....I will cross my fingers that one of my readers will recognize it and tell us what I've scored.



  1. Hard to tell from your photos.

    Gynura procumbens? Related to okinawan spinach.
    Is used as a remedy for diabetes & hypertension.

  2. I concur with it probably being Gynura procumbens based on your description and photos.