Friday, July 22, 2011

An Overcast Day on The Farm

Light drizzles on and off today due I am sure to my having done a load of laundry waiting to go on to the clothesline. I am very pleased with the cosmetic and functional results of my revamping the entire kitchen door back patio and gardens.....MUCH more tidy and open and clutter nearly eliminated, all nicely tied together with fresh pine needle mulch I raked from my neighbor Theresa's yard. It was getting claustrophobic out there due to disarray and weeds and clutter. I may take pics or shoot a quick video tomorrow to share the results, likely before my 'Summer Salads Crops' class to take advantage of the morning light,

Today I used my hands and garden hose spray nozzle to blast off a sudden infestation of mealy bugs on my eggplants, and to a lesser extent, my Currant Tomatoes. Tomorrow I will drench them all with dilute home made fish emulsion fertilizer courtesy of Tampa Bay. The 4 gallon bucket I keep beneath my air handler for the central air today filled with drip from the coils, so I poured it onto a thirsty Molokhiya plant in a buried Water Wise Container Garden. Waste not, want not.

Today I took note of the posting by Debbie Butts of EcoFarm and WMNF's 'Sustainable Living' radio show on the Barefoot Gardeners forum that NOW is the time to sow tomato seeds for fall planting. I've always done mine September through February so will give this mid-summer approach a try for sure as she and Jon produce a LOT of all-organic produce on their wonderfully sustainable farm east of Tampa. If it works I could have tomatoes by Thanksgiving!

When I see our "leaders" advocating an "austerity budget" that cuts services to its highly taxed, overly incarcerated citizens while increasing "defense" spending (a.k.a. "empire building" ) despite this country's military budget already surpassing the rest of the world's countries COMBINED, I am glad to see more and more Americans questioning and defying morally bankrupt authority, raising chickens and creating community gardens and tending home gardens, buying healthy live local food vs. dead corporate "food-like substances", enjoying the safe simple pleasures of cannabis, and refusing to be serfs to debt and fear of a government that according to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, should fear US.

"Garden as if your life depended on it, because it does".  unknown.


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