Friday, July 15, 2011

Defeating Spanish Needle: Bidens bipinnata

Just 2 weeks of heat and a couple good rains has this hyper-vigorous composite reclaiming my front yard quickly just as I was making such steady progress reclaiming and re-inventing it based on growing roses in buried Water Wise Container Gardens!!  I'd love to barter a class of mine and/or seeds and plants for a few folks to join me some day to wipe the weed slate clean here, and feed it all to the Muscovy ducks out back. I simply MUST prevent a new crop of seeds this year! Help! How about I add a home-cooked meal to the offer?  Let me know. John  813  839 0881   

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  1. Sorry the Spanish Needles are worrying you. I love having them in my yard and want them to proliferate. They are excellent chicken fodder. This time of year they are the main source of greens for the chicks. Plus they are a survival food for humans. At one time there was consideration about making them an agricultural crop in Florida!