Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My "Food Forest" efforts

I am being increasingly influenced by this concept, in part because much of my yard would benefit from SOME light shade canopy. So along with planting my Guava and Jobaticaba trees in my soon-to-be bog garden made by filling in my years old apple snail pond out back, I will be peppering the front and back yards with papaya seedlings I am growing in 4 inch pots, plus the back yard with several Moringa Trees I will be rooting from cuttings from my two. A new loquat seedling given me at the last Rare Fruit Council meeting will go in the front yard in or near the bed where an own root 'Abraham Darby' rose grew for many years until 'Mermaid' kept me from reaching and watering it for nearly 2 years. I will soon be planting in the back yard a Mystery citrus seedling or two that have shown great vigor plus raising the crown of a Mystery citrus seedling by my south fence. Since I love green papaya fruit as a staple raw or cooked, and as a ripe fruit, I will be buying another ripe papaya to start even more seedlings....I love the idea of fifty or more in my back yard alone to provide unobtrusive shade and OODLES of nutritious yummy fruit. John


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  2. wow, I also love papaya because it is good for the skin and it is has a fibrous nutrient that cleanse in your body, but our crops are being infested by stink bugs. huhuhuhu.