Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moringa "Miracle Tree"

I've grown a couple casually for years in an "out of sight out of mind" way, just occasionally nibbling the leaves raw. But my Tampa friends Mary Jo and Tim have renewed my interest as regards more focused efforts to grow and consume it. I plan on growing the three cuttings I just stuck in my main back bed as small trees for light shade cover there as my "Food Forest" evolves. But I am increasingly intrigued by folks who cut theirs back HARD now and then so as to end up with super-productive Moringa SHRUBS easy to havest the tender new growth from. While some folks dislike the horseradish-like taste of the raw leaves, this taste vanishes when the leaves are dried and powdered or lightly cooked in a soup or stir fry or omelet. Just look at the remarkable nutritional profile!  John

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  1. Moringa is a tropical tree with a long and impressive list of uses, properties, and benefits. It contains top quantities of vitamins and minerals, and produces first class cosmetic oil.