Monday, July 25, 2011

A Bean For Hot Summers

When that delightful woman in my class Saturday gave me a handful of what she called "runner bean" seeds I immediately felt they were a Lima bean due to the patterns on them plus her saying they THRIVE in summer here as years ago I grew one that was marked black and white vs. these colors. The pics I took came out fuzzy so just Google either Christmas Lima Bean or Speckled Calico Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus) to see them. I planted several today and want to share the rest with local friends soon so we can enjoy a harvest plus build up seed stock. I bet they can be bought cheap as a dried bean in a specialty grocery store. A short time ago I bought from Publix a bag of large white lima beans to plant this week too.

True garden beans are Phaseolus vulgaris and while they can do well in summer in northern states, in hotter regions they often struggle then fail as spring yields to summer.

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