Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tasty brunch from my yard for just pennies

A few days ago I created a wonderful brunch....first I browned slices of African Yellow Yam (Dioscorea cayenensis) in coconut and roasted sesame oil with garlic and sea salt, then made a salad of arugula, rape, shallot, broccoli and turnip leaves topped with bleu cheese dressing, and quickly poached chicken and quail eggs. A garnish of sliced kumquat and hybrid Green Wave mustard with edible yellow rape flowers added a nice fu-fu touch. Home-brewed kombucha tea was my tart beverage. My only costs were pennies for the cooking oil and dollop of salad dressing, and a few pennies worth of black tea and white sugar used to brew the kombucha tea. After I took the pics on my front porch, I pulled up a 5 gallon paint bucket and savored a wonderful, savory healthy meal provided me by my lush jungly "farm" in south Tampa.

This style of healthy home grown cooking and eating will be the focus of my upcoming cooking classes. John


  1. So you like to grow your own meals too? John

  2. Definitly,I have lettuce growing in containers all winter , inside on my windowsill. Cant wait to start my seeds, but that wont be until mid March up here in the north country. My chickens cant wait for the snow to go--they dispise it!

  3. Yes when I had chickens in Denver they lived in solar hotframes all winter....they loved it when spring came!