Thursday, February 4, 2010

Barkant Turnip Seeds for Sale

BARKANT TURNIPS are a very vigorous forage turnip with lush leafy tops and large purple and white tasty roots high in natural sugars. Bred for dairy farmers, it has a very mild flavor so as to not taint the cow’s milk and thus is a good choice for people who do not like strong flavored greens and turnips. The leaves are great raw in salads, or chopped into a stir fry, soup, or cooked southern style with smoked bacon or hamhocks. Many people who dislike turnip roots cooked love them raw in salads. Sow the seeds from October through the end of February in Florida, or in the spring in cold climate areas as it is a cool season brassica vegetable. Normally sold only to farmers in 25 or 50 lb. bags. My potted plants literally froze solid, soil included, during our recent hard freeze, and they are thriving.....truly cold hardy! You will receive 1 teaspoon of the seeds, (approx. 600 seeds) for $3 plus a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope sent to me at: John Starnes 3212 West Paxton Avenue Tampa FL 33611.

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I will fill your order quickly. Thanks and happy gardening! John

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