Monday, February 15, 2010

Healthy Treats for Chickens

Chickens LOVE melons of ANY kind.....for years I used to dumpster dive vast numbers of them discarded by a grocery store due to SLIGHT blemishes on the rinds...I'd eat some but most went to the chickens. Sadly, that store closed a few years ago and now all the remaining ones have "evil" dumpsters that are fed from inside the way to access the treasures. I am still grieving as that store threw out WONDERFUL stuff for ME to eat....all the cheeses that expired at midnight that day (even wonderful European cheeses), many many bags of onions and potatoes due to a few being sprouted, frozen foods (still frozen) that had expired at midnight, vast numbers of still frozen turkeys after Thanksgiving (and I did not have a big freezer back then!), basically, everything that people buy IN the store. I will always miss the weekly bounty.

So now my chickens get melons only on the rare occasion I buy one or am given one. I eat most of the meat, but leave some for the chickens who buzz them right down to the rind.



  1. Have you ever grown melons down there?

  2. Yes in 2005 I grew a bumper crop due to all the rain from hurricanes. They are a very thirsty crop and I am very water stingey.

  3. I didnt realize that there was such a water problem in the tampa area. I have read your blogs on the so called recycled water, and was amazed that such drastic action needed to be taken. It would be nice if could store large quatities of water for leaner times. This year seem to be wetter than most, Am i right?

  4. Yes we are having a chilly El Nino winter with a surprising number of good rains.