Monday, February 15, 2010

A fresh foods collage/mandala

A couple of years ago, Fox 13 News shot here at my place a very complimentary segment about my efforts to achieve food self sufficiency in my south Tampa yard...the incredible response they and I got led directly to my teaching classes here due to a flood of inquiries.

I've been cleaning up and purging my photo files to free up room in my PC, especially resizing/titling/deleting raw files as downloaded from my camera. A couple of days ago I spotted shots I'd taken before they arrived....I'd made a "food mandala/collage" using a large deli tray and edible crops growing that day to insure they have a nice visual to work with.

In this chilly winter, I love seeing in this mandala the wonderful range of attractive edibles we can grow in summer here despite the myth that the heat and humidity is too great. It is just a matter of growing crops that LIKE those conditions. Enjoy, John.


  1. Nice pictures John! Ihope it warms up by the time I get down there! 2 Weeks!!