Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring in Tampa

Lots of folks who move to Florida end up as homesick for their northern homes as I did for Tampa my fifteen years in Denver where I had gotten trapped by a badly "upside down" mortgage. They ache for a northern autumn and spring as I ached for the scent of warm saltwater and our endless growing season and balmy summers. Many folks especially miss the spring bulbs like the tulips and blue hyacinths and daffodils I loved in my Denver yard at 1684 Willow Street that saved my sanity after each seemingly endless winter. While they are no substitute for daffodils, I would ask those folks to soak in the cheery, FRAGRANT beauty of Florida's tabebuia trees......just think of them as thirty foot tall daffodils! Here is the stunner in my neighbors Charlie and Shirley's yard, highlighting his wonderful old truck he keeps pristine. I can't think of a fragrance to compare the thick sweetness to....but it is lovely. John

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