Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bizarre cold rain coming to Florida and the Gulf states?

A "fact of winter weather" here is that when a cold front is approaching, we get very warm and humid, then the rain arrives one day later, with the cold air behind it the next day. Well, it rained yesterday, the cold front arrived today (heater on in daytime even!) with frost predicted for tonight. So I was baffled by forecasts of a 70% rain chance Friday..... it just does not make sense. But I found a moving satellite loop obviously shot from a satellite in geo-synchronous orbit....the loop shows a MASSIVE storm approaching directly from the Pacific as it crosses Mexico. Nearly ALL our winter rains in Florida come from the Gulf as a cold front approaches, so for it to be so cold already and to see rain coming from the Pacific is truly bizarre. Since El Nino is a Pacific event, I am guessing that is why this is happening. I've not been liking this chilly winter (my 15 years in Denver taught JUST how much I hate cold weather) but I have sure been liking all the moisture!

With the recent rains having given me great germination on mass sowings of Bonar rape, daikon, arugula, parsley, vetch, lettuce, carrots, snow peas, beets and more, a deep soaking COLD rain Friday would do wonders for these cold loving crops. This has been my first damp winter since coming home from Denver in November 2002, and I am loving it when I think of those bone dry winters with fires raging all over my beloved native Florida.

I just keep the house cozy warm, wear my wonderful fleece pullover I dumpster-dived years ago, and each night run my beloved bed warmer I got CHEAP a few years ago using a coupon for a grand opening. Here's hoping this Friday is a wet one. John

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