Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring is springing in Tampa!

I don't recall getting "spring fever" before my fifteen years in Denver enduring those seemingly endless winters, but I sure got it annually there! It saved me from "cabin fever" and "winter dimentia". Oddly, I get it deliciously here in Tampa since coming home in November of 2002. I love that sudden wind through my soul triggered by that shift in sunlight, and certain fragrances on the air. Yesterday I caught a whiff of a wonderfully heady sweet floral aroma in the parking lot of my liquor store, then noticed their viburnum hedges in full bloom...so I HAD to take a close up sniff. And I noticed at my gym at Ballast Point Park yesterday there are red buds in blooms at the entrance. That means that very soon we will be awash in Formosa azalea bushes and species amaryllis in full glorious bloom, with the air heavy with the scent of citrus trees in bloom.
The last few straggler migrating robins are passing through, feeding in yards and on berries, and I am nearly done planting final waves of cool weather veggies as I get ready to sort and start seeds for the wonderful long hot steamy (hopefully wet) summer ahead. I hope you enjoy these photos from previous springs.

Man I love "spring fever".....I get even more manic than usual! John

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