Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When Jon Butts and Debbie told me at WMNF that they grow a replicating onion that resembled clumps of scallions, I assumed that it was a form of Allium fistulosum like I grow, and that I very strongly suspect that "Eliska's Bunching Onion" is a form of. But last night at the Twilight Market at Roosevelt 2.0 Jon blew me away when he said that now and then they send up viviparous stalks topped with baby plants, just like Egyptian Multpliers and Allium canadense do!!! I bought this bundle and today will choose a dedicated place in a garden out front to plant some in and label with a miniblind strip, plus some in a container garden. I'll eat one to see how they taste. JUST as I thought I MIGHT be wrapping up my studies of multiplying onions, I all of a sudden have a new one to obsess on!

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