Monday, July 22, 2013

It was my understanding that my "White Potato Onions from Texas" would go dormant in never did, one I left in the container did but re-emerged and has been growing like crazy a few weeks now, and these two, which HAD gone dormant and that I had lifted up many weeks ago, have regrown this crazily just while sitting on top of plastic edging lightly shaded by the avocado tree!!! So today I will plant them in a bed out front all by themselves and labelled with a miniblind strip. The bulbs are milder than I like, but the leaves have pungent onion flavor. I am about 95% sure that what I got at a Tampa Rare Fruit Council meeting as "Indian Shallot" is the same thing....makes sense as the potato onions ARE members of the shallot family.

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