Thursday, July 25, 2013

Well, the anticipation was fun, but Michael Spinelli's cowpea seems to have no influences of Thai Yard Long, might be just plain 'Whippoorwill'. Renee Berger and I nibbled a young pod today, and just like "Joyner Butterbean" cowpea out front, even THAT young they are quite tough and bitter vs. the pods of 'Iron Clay' that are tender and sweet and crisp and non-fibrous. So it looks like I will be eating the plump green pods like edamame soybeans as I do the "Joyner Butter Beans". So glad I planted more 'Iron Clay' last week! I gave some seeds to Renee to plant now despite it being a tad should work. 'Iron Clay' is a great self sower. The bloom of Michael's cowpea is beautiful.

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