Saturday, July 20, 2013

Well it ain't purdy, but now I have a two story roach and pillbug farm next to the hen house, using the very weathered jacuzzi covers that came with my free jacuzzi that have been in the way and eyesores for months. First layer....weeds from the front yard that had been JAMMED into a garbage can for a week and starting to ferment. Second layer: more of the same plus old edible ficus pads. All held down with scavenged decorative blocks. In a few days I'll lift up both covers and splash on two buckets of VERY old food waste from Wimauma restaurant, add more weeds, then let the "ranch" build up the herds within for a couple of weeks. 100% free.....waste not, want not! It is amazing/revealing that the dino-raptors that we call chickens GREATLY prefer moving living critters to vegan the morning after a freeze they swarm through my gardens scarfing down anole lizards immobilized by the cold. They'll love this roach condo!

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