Monday, July 29, 2013

Back in the 70s a lot of us well-meaning, super idealistic, enviro-hippies virtually paralyzed ourselves in our quests to be perfect pacifists/environmentalists/vegans, etc. And I feel that I am seeing that again in new generations of permaculturist/organic gardeners...."don't use scavenged plastic containers as gardens and rain barrels since they are made from oil plus might leach BPAs"....."don't sheet mulch with cardboard boxes and free wood mulch because the cardboard might contain sulphur compounds and the trees MIGHT have been sprayed"....."don't use city water as it contains chloramines but don't use rainwater because it contains atmospheric pollutants"....."don't use fish emulsion and kelp because they MIGHT contain heavy metals and involve bulk harvesting from the open sea ecosystems"....."don't grow any crops but native plants"....."don't grow any crop some have labelled as invasive"....."don't go to gardening and permaculture events if you have to use a car"...."you MUST be a strict vegan"...."don't use dolomite or any mineral supplements because they are mined"...."don't use manure or bone meal or blood meal or fish emulsions because animals were killed"...."don't use solar panels and batteries because they contain lithium and other toxic elements"..."don't use manures because the animals' foods might not have been organic, plus the animals are captive even on free-range farms".....and more. If one pursues ideological purities to their ends, you can end up painting yourself into a very small corner in a joyless life that affects VERY little change in the world.


  1. Love it John. Religion is the bane of societies. You can be religious about anything you are passionate about, and like all religions, they put blinders on to viewing the broader balance of life. My wife is a religious vegan, we eat vegan at home for the most part (I keep a block of Reggiano in the cooler) and that is fine, but this poo pooing of foods because of some vague dairy reference in an ingredient label is such a pain in the ass. And honey, really? So, yes, do's and don'ts will pigeon hole people to a life of hell, and let's remember, heaven is now so let's enjoy life to it's fullest!