Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've got ripening VERY hot peppers and "Gray Street Grapes" so time to choose a container to collect them in and freeze until I have enough to make my first ever grape-based hot sauce. One of the many good influences that Allen Boatman has had on me was turning me on to hot sauces free of the distraction of vinegar (which I DO like otherwise) by lowering the pH with other means. I think he uses bulk citric acid....I use bulk ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). I'll simmer the grapes in water, will strain out the seeds or possibly just run it all through the blender with the hot peppers since grape seeds are nutritious, simmer in the sauce pan with sea salt, coconut oil, roasted sesame oil, MAYBE some honey depending on how sweet the grapes are, add the vitamin C, simmer briefly, then bottle. I'll be sure to save a bottle for him.

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