Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring fever so some BIG changes to my urban farm!!

I bought 3 gallons of RoundUp on sale at Home Depot, now to spray the whole lot front to back, kill all the roses and food crops and install a high end sprinkler system and then St. Augustine sod everywhere, fence line to fence line, and hire Chemlawn to care for it monthly so I can watch TV and smoke cigarettes and drink Budweiser  and eat GMO frozen dinners all day and night, every day, every night to see just how fat and unhealthy I can get and FINALLY get my life priorities right and follow the Kardashians like I should have all along. Pulling up the mirror floor and throwing away all my Yoko Ono CDs too and swearing off gazing at men's chests. I feel so relieved, a burden off my shoulders!