Friday, April 26, 2013

Most soy now days is GMO, not the soy Asian people have grown and eaten for many centuries, though I feel I don't react to the small amount of tofu and soy flour I eat now and then. Due to breeding work done in the Green Revolution of the 1960s (not GMO) modern wheat contains a protein in the gluten that it never has in history ( I forget the name), so perhaps that is why "gluten intolerence" is now so seemingly widespread. An angry militant vegan I know who is VERY "in your face" to people dismisses my reports that as both vegan and vegetarian I was very unhealthy even though I took zinc, B12, balanced my amino acids, etc. but I am VERY healthy as a light omnivore...perhaps people like me can't make the vital amino acid taurine found in meat as well as she and HEALTHY vegans can, just as I can eat mangoes and shrimp and strawberries and peanuts etc. with impunity but they make others very ill. But she dismisses that too, just as some GAUNT unhealthy looking raw foodies have told me without my asking, that I should stop cooking food. (Interestingly, this angry vegan dismisses eating raw out of hand too!) My point is I would hope that people, regardless of how passionately they feel about how THEY eat, would afford people enough respect to let them eat how THEY wish to too. I would NEVER tell this vegan "YOU NEED TO EAT MEAT!! I know your health status and life history better than you do, here, EAT this burger!". I am one of many ex-vegans and vegetarians I've met over the years who also went back to omnivorism for health reasons...our body chemistries simply would not comply with our ethical and philosophical ambitions and goals. Sharing your views about diet when ASKED for advice is one....pushy, obtrusive, born again food nazi militancy is another.

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