Sunday, April 21, 2013

I was stunned by the size of the clumps of Perennial Sweet Leek that Josh Jamison is trialing in the main food garden at H.E.A.R.T, ESPECIALLY considering that each was a SMALL bulbil planted last November and that they have not been watered ONCE since. I hope that those he gave me do as well and that they prove to be TRULY perennial (to my mind past persisting three years) here and there, though the much colder temps there might be an advantage that mine won't enjoy here in balmy south Tampa. I truly was not prepared to see the vigor of the clumps even though I'd seen pics and have two very young clumps here...even if they prove to be an annual that can be propagated by constant division and replanting they could be a blessing for gardeners like me who love to cook. As much as I love potato and leeks soup, I can just imagine Dioscorea yams and perennial leeks soup, or mashed together with butter, or mashed then fried as patties in coconut and roasted sesame oil!

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