Friday, April 5, 2013

I THINK I've solved the mystery of where this very desirable salad type tomato came from...quite flavorful, tart yet sweet with a crisp texture...last year I brought home for the chickens some bags of food scraps from a pizza buffet in the neighborhood, and in the salad bar waste were oval red tomatoes that the chickens scarfed down...I ate a few too...quite good. I periodically take chicken poop that has accumulated in the henhouse beneath the roost and soak it in water to make a "poop soup" I slosh onto various gardens. I suspect that these vigorous seedlings that have popped up here and there in varying beds and container gardens the last two months (at first I thought they were Currant Tomatoes) are from seeds of those salad bar tomatoes that passed through the chickens. A VERY happy "accident"!

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