Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some years ago I quit growing 'Vates' as I felt the leaves were too small and tough...I gave my seeds to Tim who grew several plants for a number of years as perennials in his semi shady damp yard...his back yard IS the west bank of the Hillsborough River vs. my sand pit here in south Tampa. He uses the leaves in his smoothies. I quit growing 'Georgia' after that as I prefer the milder more tender leaves of Bonar and other rapes. But two years ago a student gave me three plants of "Morris Heading' collard leftover in a 4 pack she bought somewhere and I LOVE it and so bought a pound of seeds from Everwilde to share with friends and students. The leaves are HUGE, amazingly tender, sweet and crunchy, remarkably non-bitter and non-stringy....some folks propose it is an heirloom cross between a collard and a cabbage, which I'm very much inclined to believe. The pic shows a revamped small front garden that has three roses, a Louisiana Iris in a buried Water Wise Container Garden, with Lacinato Kale and young plants of 'Morris Heading'. Raw the leaves are wonderful in stir fry, cooked they are tender and mild (I'm cooking a batch today and will splash on strong kombucha tea with hot pepper sauce added).

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