Saturday, March 30, 2013

My "White Potato Onions" have grown well this winter but all of a sudden have really taken off, in height, girth and by multiplying heavily at the base. The flavor of the hollow tube-like leaves is very much like scallion or allium fistulosum.....I think I will sacrifice a clump and cook with it soon. This is actually a form of shallot that multiplies least in colder climates, at some point the foliage dies back and what was ONE bulb is dug up as a clump for harvest, with some kept for replanting. I will do that but will leave at least ONE clump in the soil to see if it rots in summer, or if it goes dormant then re-emerges in the fall as Allium canadense does. The seller mentioned his wife liking the blooms but I don't recall a mention of seeds forming. Short term at least I am feeling very encouraged by this experiment. Pics soon, then pics at harvest time or if they bloom.

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