Friday, March 1, 2013

Front Yard Revamp

Hiring the neighborhood lawn mowing and yard man Paul twice a week has allowed me to finally reclaim the front yard from the weed bidens but in particular overgrown tropical ornamental vines, yam vines and a monster Cherokee Rose. I'm now planting several dozen own root Old Roses in big holes, with five pounds of cheap white clay litter per hole to hold moisture, followed by 500 glad bulbs plus perennials, followed by a DEEP layer of shredded palm tree mulch. Later I will plant a large number of sunflowers and Sunn Hemp plus snapdragons, mixed hot peppers, hollyhocks and marigolds. This was all triggered by a lot of soul searching and finally making peace with setting out garbage cans of the pulled vines and weeds that kept REgrowing when I'd try to compost them out back, plus using more water than my usually OBSESSIVELY tiny amount. One primary result will be my resuming rose breeding based on a few stalwarts that have survived drought and neglect since 1999, the goal being a race of roses that CAN survive in Florida's now perennial drought and ever-deepening watering restrictions. Thanks Paul!

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