Sunday, March 24, 2013

I have always failed with previous soybean attempts, even when using purchased seeds of "Beer Friend", one of the best for edamames. So after concluding that soybeans ARE a summer crop in Florida I bought a bag of pale soybeans imported from GMO-strict Thailand from south Tampa's DoBond Market and yesterday planted a small number, two seeds per hole, in between the planting sites for "Giant Green Callalloo" in the new bed hugging the west wall of my home. This bed has already been enriched with Pam Lunn's goat poop and then mulched with shredded palm tree, and soon gets a drenching with dilute fish emulsion. Next in go seedlings of mixed VERY hot peppers from neighborhood friend Joe. The only rose in that bed THIS time around, ten years later, is the climber 'Lamarque' to be trained up a rebar there. As these plants plus the border of mixed color 'Cracker Jack' marigolds get taller, I'll then mulch the soil with a few inches of horse stall sweepings from the pesticide-free stable at Ballast Point. If all goes well, this will be a very productive garden bed plus HOPEFULLY, my first ever successful crop of soybeans.

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