Friday, March 15, 2013

Josh Jamison is one of many delightful people that I met initially on FaceBook, then became friends with in real life. He is a brilliant, 20 year old self taught botanist who is passionately curious about alternative crops.....the number of his obsessions outnumbers mine! When I was 20 I was depressed, in denial and closeted, but Josh and his delightful wife Emily are happily focused in life and garden and ferment foods (her passion) in Lake Wales. His primary focus is on perennial food crops and in particular has gone bonkers over the true yams (Dioscorea species and cultivars), but in his quest for knowledge then seeds and specimens he casts a VERY broad net. His generosity defies his meager income, an aspect of his vibrant Christian faith that has benefited MANY Florida gardeners. I'd never heard of an edible Crotalaria, a family I think of as being at times violently poisonous...but he learned of this ancient edible one, got seeds, and gave me a one gallon plant of it at Andy's last permaculture event. It is now setting seed pods that I hope to be able to share and grow to get it established is a perennial in mild climates. Here are pics of Josh (long blond dreadlocks) and Emily standing next to Keith at Andy's, and the seed pods and leaves as they appear today.

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