Thursday, March 28, 2013

 It's been roughly a week since I moved a 12 inch tall seedling of "Giant Green Callalloo" from a poor spot in the kitchen garden where it sprang  up in (beneath the avocado tree) to an ideal spot in one of the two new beds on the west side of my home...the first few days it looked like it might die. A few generous waterings have saved it, but it looks damaged, the leaves scarred. Ryan told me a few days ago that the three very young ones I gave him at Tricia's in Brooksville two weekends ago after I'd moved them into 4 inch pots have survived, after also looking very iffy for a few days...he's planting them in a sunny spot in his yard. I wonder if moving them from their pots will shock them again. Having seen and heard all this, plus having heard about and seen self sown seedlings elsewhere, I again encourage anyone I've mailed seeds to/shared with locally to sow the TINY black seeds right where they are to grow as Mary Jo and I have.

The chickens have learned how to reach through a barrier fence in my east back garden and peck mouthfuls from the three plants that popped up there from chaff, giving me further hope that this strain of amaranth can help solve the problem of fresh greens for poultry in summer. A few people have asked me if I know if it bears enough seeds to compare to the grain type amaranths I grew for Rodale's test program in the late 80s and early 90s in Denver....I think by the end of this summer a lot of us will know! I am SO thankful to Vicki Conrad for initially making me aware of it on FaceBook, then giving me seeds at a past garden gathering at Andy's...she laughs and says that a year from now I will see it as a weed due to self sowing, but if I can feed excess seedlings to the poultry I think I will be pleased. Plus one can just sever immature flower heads as they appear and prevent seed formation.

I've to date eaten it only raw and look forward to trying it in stir fry, as a good side dish like spinach, and in my smoothies. 

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