Saturday, March 16, 2013

I grew up with them in Michigan, loved them in Denver where they are a biennial that self sows like CRAZY, here they can be a winter and spring annual. I've not grown them since I grew these pink ones for my Mom in Okeechobee a number of years ago. They are a mallow and thus edible, but to me the petals are bitter if eaten alone, but can be nice if a small portion of a salad. As soon as these seedlings of mixed color hollyhock get a little bigger, they are going into the front yard as another source of tall color along with the Sunn Hemps, glads, differing sunflower varieties. I'm having fun trying to decide which bed to plant them in for full visibility from the street as they are a very uncommon sight in central Florida and are a source of nostalgia for northern transplants here.

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