Friday, March 29, 2013

Al's visit today reminded why I so favor the horse poop down here in south Tampa....when Elizabeth bought the stables at Ballast Point Park a few years ago and renamed it (Sail Away Farms I believe) she asked me for fly control advice...she bought the eggs of the predatory fly I told her about just once and inoculated all the stalls, so it is now a part of the ecology within the barn... which means when you bring home her poop your yard gets that predator too! She also installed emitters in the rafters than now and then release a mist of neem. I am FAIRLY certain she also avoids the harsh dewormers and uses diatomaceous earth instead but not sure on that latter one. I use the fluffiest hay-based stall cleanings to make potting soil and compost, the poop based on wood shavings for general sheet composting, and the piles that are heavy with horse urine go around my hungriest crops. There are three plastic half barrels on the grooming platform that contain what I call "Super Poop"....pure poop and urine, horse hair, and hoof shavings from the farrier (sp?), which I use to make a gloriously potent nutrient tea that can be diluted to varying strengths as needed. I can't imagine gardening in south Tampa without this stable, especially the way Elizabeth runs it...the more poop that people haul away the happier she is!!

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