Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Wren family in my mailbox

A couple of years ago a wren pair made a nest in the long empty and dormant metal mailbox on the wall to the left of my office door. I enjoyed hearing them constructing it as I worked on my computer just on the other side of that door. Soon I saw that Momma had occupied the first she'd fly away when I would exit either door on my front porch. But she quickly realized I meant her no harm and would stay put as I came and went.

One day I was treated to her absence so I could peer down, see the eggs, and snap a pic. Not long after, I heard the peeps of new hatchlings, their gaping mouths begging for food noisily. Their growth was very rapid, and not too many weeks later I was lucky to be home when they began leaving the nest, flying into my giant climbing roses for safety.

It was an honor to witness the process. See here the best photos of that grand event. Ever since my late twenties I have used water sources and scavenged baked goods to lure wild birds to my various yards and gardens as they are invaluable for "organic" pest control due to their vast appetite for bugs. John

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