Tuesday, January 26, 2010

more good news about Adams-Briscoe seeds

I called these folks and asked to speak to an owner/manager, and was connected to Jimmy Adams, second generation owner of a family business founded in 1946. Very friendly helpful man whose business is aimed at meeting the needs of smaller farmers. I wanted to pass on a few things....

They have a second lengthy plant list of vegetable crops he is mailing me! He said it IS on their website, but can be hard to find, and is a pdf file....and as a rule I find pdf files cumbersome and awkward to use. Jimmy also said that "broken bag" means "by the pound" from a 5 lb. bag, 1 pound minimum. So I will be working up a cool order...have for many years wanted to try 'chufa' sedge.....here is my chance. I told him that alfalfa grew like a weed in Colorado and that I'd LOVE it if I could grow a strain here, even if only as a winter annual, to feed to the chickens and add to my manure teas. He said the strains on that list that have numbers like 802 or 805 in the name have a heat rating of "8" which means they MIGHT work here. So I am going to get a pound of one of them.

This purchase will end up big I am sure, but I will find the cash one way or another. It will let me try new-to-me crops, plus give me way-cool seeds to give to my students.

He is mailing me the veggies list today, which he said includes a fair number of Vignas, which thrive here in summer. I will also try a pound of their Sesbania exaltata, which I researched after seeing a Sesbania on John and Debbie's farm and have been obsessing on as a soil nitrifier, chicken feed and, possibly, a human food. I am really psyched about having belatedly discovered this family run seed house!


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