Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Soil safe, sodium-free dishwashing liquid

Phosphorus is a crucial plant macro-nutrient, and many soils are very deficient in it. But the paradox of taking phosphorus out of detergents and dishwashing liquids to protect our waterways is that high levels of sodium are often used instead. Those of us who fastidiously save our graywater for our gardens are thus faced with a difficult the water at the risk of damaging our soils and plants with all that sodium, or let it go down the drain. But I seem to have found a solution for the kitchen at least.

A few weeks back at Sweet Bay I got two bottles (as a BOGO) of 'Sun & Earth', dishwashing liquid.....22 0z. bottle for $3.29, which to me as a tightwad is expensive. But I got two using the BOGO after reading the label. It is sodium-free, all naturals and cleans and rathers REALLY well, even greasy dishes and pans. Next time I see a BOGO I am STOCKPILING it!

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