Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dumpster-derived bottom waterer

I have been dumpster diving for many of life's necessities and niceties since 1976, which has freed up a great deal of cash for debt reduction and prevention by cutting daily costs. Serendipity often yields treasures I would not have even thought of putting on my Universe Wish List on my fridge...a few years ago the neighborhood Sam's Club did a massive remodelling, and they threw vast amounts of stuff in a giant commercial dumpster out back. One item was a VERY heavy gauge plastic tub I badly wanted as a fish pond. But it was simply MUCH too heavy for me to get out of the dumpster, plus I would have needed a pick up truck as no way would it fit in my 1998 Dodge Caravan. So I made peace with just bringing home the lid. With drought becoming the norm in south Tampa, this lid has been a godsend for bottom watering potted plants, especially newly potted ones. The lid had a purposeful hole in the center, which I plugged instantly with a cork from a dumpster. It will hold about 3 inches of water and a few dozen one gallon pots, and has become invaluable for bottom watering plants easily. Plus when we DO have rain it fills up quickly. Dumpsters can offer vasy harvests of useful resources if we simply see things creatively. Remember the dumpster diving motto: "Peek and You Shall Find".

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