Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Very cool seeds source

Adams-Briscoe Seed Company sells a remarkably eclectic mix of bulk seeds (broken 5 lb. bags to 50 lb. bags) that could be very useful to large scale gardeners, community gardeners and farmers. I was stunned to see on their mailing a broad mix of grains, legumes, grasses, brassicas, cover crops, some to be grown and harvested, others as green manures and livestock feed, others to attract and feed wild birds and other wildlife. Expect to be amazed! I am sure to order several of their broken 5 lb. bags to test and grow, plus share with friends and students, as I find many of these crops very intrguing (finally, a chance to try growing chufa!).

Their address is: P.O. Box 19 325 East 2nd. Street Jackson, GA 30233

phone: 770-775-7826 web: www.abseed.com

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