Thursday, January 14, 2010

Garlic Junkie?

I can't cook without onions and garlic, period.....some people say I like a little food with my garlic! I buy two 5 lb. bags of dried granulated garlic annually at the Oceanic Market in downtown Tampa (just $6 a bag!) plus each fall and winter love to indulge in a cheap and easy decadence. Just buy a bulb of ordinary "softneck" garlic (white paper) or of any "hardneck" garlic (the paper is tinged purple and tan) and plant it 4 inches deep in the garden or in a pot. Keep it in full sun, keep damp, and in a few weeks you can begin snipping off the leaves and use them like GARLIC flavored chives. Wonderful as a raw nibble, or chopped into omelets, salads, soups, you name it. Growing garlic bulbs in pots indoors in a sunny south or west window is a delight if you live in a region with harsh winters....I did it every year in Denver. Visitors and students here marvel at the taste of the leaves....milder, warmer, and fuller than the bulb, with much less bite. I like the taste of the hardneck type garlic best, both bulb and leaves, but I grow both kinds each winter based on what I find on sale. Give it a try!

More garlic-related ideas soon. John

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